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Communities such as Canmore tend to spend more time in the great outdoors. And why wouldn’t they? Canmore has incredible scenery and such a bustling environment that it’s hard not to get caught up in all its livelihood. Unfortunately, sometimes we drag some of the “great outdoors” indoors. Your carpets can receive the brunt of this. Although our carpets serve an important role in our homes, framing the core aesthetics, they can get dirty over time with all of the dust and debris from outdoors finding its way indoors.

McKnight’s professionals are specialists in the cleaning and restoration of carpets. Enlisting professionals to do periodic professional carpet cleaning can go a long way to rejuvenate your carpets, bringing them back to the state they were when you first purchased them.

The Benefits of PROFESSIONAL
CARPET Cleaning in Canmore

Here are a few benefits of a professional carpet cleaning in Canmore:

  1. You will save time on DIY’ing your own carpet cleaning job, or needing to vacuum each week. If you have multiple rooms with carpets, the job only grows more complex. Professional technicians do the cleaning for you, plus your carpet will be dry in 6-8 hours.
  2. Increase the lifespan of your carpet. As carpets get worn down with everyday use and the debris is constantly pushed down your carpet fibers, it will eventually start to split the individual fibers and give something of a “worn” look.
  3. Carpet cleaning can eliminate odours, whether that’s the scent of garlic or the scent of your furry friend. Odours tend to linger when they get caught in the base of your carpet, and your average vacuum won’t do anything to get rid of them.
  4. It can refresh the look of your home. A small spill can do tremendous things to the aesthetic of your home, and professional carpet cleaning may remove these stains and give your home an overall cleaner appearance. Plus, it’s much cheaper than ripping up and replacing your carpets.
  5. Reduces the look of “high traffic.” Carpeted areas that see a lot of foot traffic might be more exposed to signs of staining and wears. A professional cleaning can restore the look of these “highly trafficked” areas.

Overall, a professional cleaning is just the way to go. Carpet cleaning in Canmore by McKnight helps you to save time and rejuvenate your living space by improving the look and feel of your home, removing odours, and overall boosting the health and wellness of your family.

The Process of CARPET Cleaning in Canmore

The carpet cleaning process is rather simple. Carpet cleaning in Canmore consists of an initial pre-inspection, with an examination of the carpets you want cleaned to assess what will be needed for the job.  There’s a prey-spray process, a pre-spot, and an agitation process to bring all that soiling and dust to the surface. Then, finally, we do an extraction of the debris and dirt, rinse, and use a neutralizer.

McKnight Cleaning always uses the latest technology and equipment to thoroughly clean its customer’s carpets. Vacuuming your carpet every few days only does so much to get rid of the surface debris, but it won’t provide the level of “deep clean” that a professional clean would.

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Why Choose McKnight Cleaning?

McKnight Cleaning demonstrates a consistent commitment to using environmentally-friendly products and techniques to clean your carpets best. Here are some more benefits of working with us here at McKnight Clean.

We work around the outdoor lifestyle of Canmore

People in Canmore love the outdoors, but they don’t so much love the outdoors inside. We specialize in rejuvenating carpets to restore them to their previous charm, even despite the “love” they get from the environment outside.

We offer a range of services beyond furnace & duct cleaning

Beyond furnace & duct cleaning, McKnight also offers additional services, like carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.

We have some of the best technicians in the industry

McKnight would be nothing without its professional technicians. We hire the very best to do the very best job.

We do more than carpet cleaning

McKnight Cleaning isn’t just a one-trick pony. We do carpet cleaning in Canmore, but we also offer furnace and duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, tile & grout cleaning, and dryer duct cleaning.

Honest Reviews
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Mcknight cleans our carpets every year and always does a great job. They are always on time and always a pleasure to have in our home. I would highly recommend this business 👌

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Iceline Waterproofing

I’ve been using McKnight for several years and they have always been great. This spring, though, they went above and beyond in cleaning a stain before I had visitors. Thank you especially to Paul.

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Had Mcknight clean the carpets at my unit , fantastic service would highly recommend. Thanks guys!


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McKnight Cleaning Has Been Helping You Love Your Home Since 1996

Our team of professional carpet cleaners have been working hard to keep your home clean for a few decades now. We service the Canmore, Banff, and surrounding areas, and have been recognized with numerous awards for our services, such as Best of the Bow and People’s choice awards. We hold this honour in high regard.

Please contact McKnight Cleaning to schedule your very own carpet cleaning in Canmore to improve the look and feel of your carpets at home.

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