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Did you know that the health of your HVAC systems, including your ductwork and furnace, are imperative to the overall wellbeing of your home and its air quality? Regular, professional furnace & duct cleaning in Canmore can help to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and mitigate the odds of issues arising due to dust accumulation and bacteria growth.

Enter McKnight Cleaning, a trusted provider of furnace & duct cleaning in Canmore, Banff, and the surrounding areas. Our team of professional technicians are diligent and dedicated to detail, meaning you will always get the best possible service when we come to do your professional routine furnace & duct cleaning.

The Benefits of Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Canmore

The importance of regular furnace & duct cleaning in Canmore often goes overlooked, especially since we often don’t think of those home systems on the regular the same way as we would cleaning our floors, dusting counters, or washing toilets.

But there are many benefits to furnace & duct cleaning in Canmore. See our list below:

  1. Reduction in energy costs. As electricity bills soar, homeowners do everything they can to keep costs within reason. Cleaning your HVAC system regularly can lower your energy costs. A dirty system can make your HVAC work even harder to circulate air around your home, thereby using more in energy, and increasing your utility bills.
  2. Keeps your air quality healthy. The average residence, even ones kept relatively clean, can build up quite a bit of dust with time. A regular cleaning every 18-24 months helps to keep the quality of your home’s air optimal. So how often should you change your furnace filter?
  3. Improved HVAC efficiency. As mentioned previously, a dirty furnace/duct system can make it more difficult for air to circulate through your home. Removing obstructions allows air to move through your ducts with ease.
  4. HVAC system lifespan extension. The less hard your HVAC system has to work, the more it can stand up to the test of time. A clean system is far less likely to break down or experience other issues, saving you money in the long run.
  5. Reduced fire risk. Dusty homes are flammable homes. Cleaning your furnace & ducts in Canmore reduces the risk of a residential fire breaking out.

Although there are many benefits, as you can see, we never advise having homeowners do their own DIY clean. This can increase the chances of damages or improper cleaning, failing to clear out dangerous contaminants that can worsen and increase in number with time.

The Process of Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Canmore

The process of furnace & duct cleaning consists of multiple steps to ensure the utmost cleanliness of your home’s heating and ventilation systems.

The first step is inspection. What kind of furnace & duct system do you have? Are there any features or issues that require special attention? Leaks?

Then, there’s the setup. The technician will ensure protective covers are laid down to reduce issues in other areas of your home.

Cleaning begins using specialized equipment to ensure that all the dust, debris, and contaminants can be removed from your furnace & duct system. They may use vacuums, brushes, or other tools.

Then, sanitization. After cleaning, the technician can use a sanitizing agent to disinfect the furnace & ducts. After this, they will conduct a last inspection to ensure all areas are cleaned appropriately and that the job has been done.

Furnace & duct cleaning service in Canmore, Alberta

Why Choose McKnight Cleaning?

We work hard to deal in one of the hardest aspects of the trade (in our professional opinion.) As a division of Big Ben Cleaning, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the results you expect for a great looking, clean home.

We employ environmentally friendly products and techniques

We don’t cut corners, even if we’re in an industry that’s famed for just that. We avoid taking shortcuts and ensure that you get the quality of service you pay for.

You will also receive before and after pictures attached to your e-invoice to show the difference in your furnace system. This also holds us to a higher standard and allows us to demonstrate why you would want to hire our unparalleled services.

We offer a range of services beyond furnace & duct cleaning

Beyond furnace & duct cleaning, McKnight also offers additional services, like carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning.

Our team is made up of top-of-the-line professionals

We work with some of the most highly trained technicians in the industry. Our best cleaners are hard at the job of getting your home comfortable and clean again.

Honest Reviews
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We were in desperate need of cleaning after a renovation. Big Ben accommodated a change in appt, they were on time and did a great job! The tech even shovelled my sidewalk after a snow the night before. Would definitely recommend.

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From the first phone call for a quote for our commercial property they were polite, professional and helpful.  They were near perfect to their quote and on time. Work was completed fast and efficient. Great company, I highly recommend them.

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Very professional and did a really good job. The furnace cleaning was very thorough. They also cleaned my sectional and did a beautiful job. 

I would highly recommend this company.

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We want you to love your home and ensure that air can flow smoothly through. Furnace & duct cleaning makes you feel more at ease in your space with a consistent temperature and improved overall comfort and health.

Ever since our humble beginnings, our technicians have been hard at work making sure that all our customers receive the best possible service.

Call us to ask any questions or click below to get started.

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