freshly cleaned carpet



freshly cleaned carpet

Your carpets are an important part of your home. Not only do they serve to create the core aesthetics but they’re also a big part of its livability, prestige with your guests and satisfaction of your home overall.

In communities like Canmore where people tend to be more active outdoors, it is inevitable that some of that environment is bound to wind up ingrained into your carpets. Periodic professional carpet cleaning can rejuvenate your carpets, restoring them to their previous charm.

Special Pet Care Cleaning:

Everyone has a favourite chair or place in their home. So too does your pet but did you know that pet urine can break down and decompose the underlay of a carpet? Or that oils from your furry friends get absorbed into the carpet fibres creating odor, a source of bacteria and eventually harming your carpet. In order for it to be properly cleaned, the area must be thoroughly flushed with specialized equipment.

McKnight Cleaning carries the latest, state of the art equipment to thoroughly identify and cleanse affected areas extending the life of your carpets.


Furnace & duct cleaning service in Canmore, Alberta

Give your furnace a break! Over time dirt accumulates in critical components making the furnace have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature.

Furnace cleanings not only produce better air quality, they also keep your furnace running efficiently. This efficiency shows on your utility bill by way of lower costs.

Our technicians here at McKnight are highly trained and are extremely thorough, we’ll have your furnace and ducts running as they should so you can breathe easier.

Furnace & duct cleaning service in Canmore, Alberta
lint removed after Dryer vent cleaning


lint removed after Dryer vent cleaning

It’s not something that we think about often, your dryer vent can become restricted leading to longer drying times, higher utility costs and in extreme cases lead to house fires.

If it is taking longer for your clothes to dry, You notice heat build up, a mildew or burning smell while drying, these can be symptoms of a restricted dryer duct.

Your dryer produces lint, not all of which gets caught in your lint trap. Lint that does make it past the trap, coats the inside of the duct and vent building up over time. That buildup restricts airflow causing your dryer to work harder, reducing efficiency and driving up utility costs.

If your dryer could talk, it would thank and reward you for making sure it can breath easier. Properly maintained dryer vents lead to lower energy use, longer appliance life and reduced drying times. 

Tile & Grout CLEANING

Tile & grout cleaning in Canmore, Alberta

Restore your tile to its original look by getting it professionally cleaned. Our special tile cleaning equipment is specifically designed for this task. Its special head boosts and directs water jets up to 1000 psi to penetrate and lift ground in dirt. The system is designed to protect your tile and grout while removing any build up of cleaner, dirt or film that may have been accumulated over time.

Of course cleaning is only half the job. We can also seal the stone or grout to provide protection from absorbing dirt and moisture to keep it looking cleaner longer. 

If it is natural stone, we can seal the entire floor as natural stone is porous. If it is ceramic tile, we can seal the grout as ceramic is non porous. In either case, sealing provides the protection you need to protect your floor and reduce your need frequent cleaning.

freshly cleaned tile and grout floors


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